The policies for HyderiIslamic School are available to view below:

Fist Aid policy

SEN policy

Child Protection policy

Fire Safety policy

Behaviour policy

Attendance and absence policy

Admissions policy

Privacy policy

Assesment policy

Verse of the day

" When Moses came back to his people, angry and grieved, he said: "Evil it is that ye have done in my place in my absence: did ye make haste to bring on the judgment of your Lord?" He put down the Tablets, seized his brother by (the hair of) his head, and dragged him to him. Aaron said: "Son of my mother! the people did indeed reckon me as naught, and went near to slaying me! Make not the enemies rejoice over my misfortune, nor count thou me amongst the people of sin." 7:150 "

Hadith of the day

When wisdom reaches the acme of perfection, it will suppress the vicious instincts and injurious desires.
Majlisi, Biharul Anwar, vol. 78, p. 6 Imam Ali (as)
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