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Today at Hyderi Islamic School

Dear Parents


Today marks the end of our term and the start of summer holidays.


It's been a busy year so far with the students charitable aspects contributing towards Yemen relief, Eid gifts for a school in East Africa, taking part in Who is Hussain food drive and building of 3 water pumps. Please see some pictures below.


They explored creativity, and developed Quranic recitation and understanding through Ramadhan program, Islamic Book Day, Quran quiz, Imam Ali(as) Writing Competition and Dua Iftitah short course.


Important Islamic dates were highlighted with external speakers as well as student-led recitations and short speeches of the Holy Personalities(as), and students' Areeza (letters of plegdes) delivered direct to Karbala. Fun and alternate teaching was had with the Infants Picnic, Senior Girls Sleepover and Development Day. All of this complimented the ongoing Tarbiyah curriculum and Quran, Arabic and GCSE subjects.


To make the most of the Madrasah and maximise the benefits of such variation of experiences, regular attendance is vital. We appreciate all the support from the parents in ensuring their child(ren) attend regularly.

Insha'Allah the new term will begin Saturday Sept 14th. It will be the month of Muharam and we aim to enrich their experiences in the commemoration of the tradegy of Karbala.


Thank you to all the teachers, volunteers and staff of Hyderi Islamic School for their continued hard work and dedication towards the students.


On behalf of us all, we pray for you and your families to enjoy a safe and happy summer holiday.

With Duas 
Shabniz Kaba
Hyderi Islamic School
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Verse of the day

" (The Prophet) frowned and turned away, 80:1 "

Hadith of the day

Oh God! Surely you know that whatever we did was not a competition to gain worldly positions and not for the worthless physical attractions of the world. But to show the signs of religious ways and to remove corruption from your lands, so that the oppressed feel secured and act according to your traditions and rules.
Ibn Shuba al-Harrani, Tuhaf al-'Uqul, p.239 Imam Husayn (as)
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